Explain the role of redox reactions in photosynthesis Biology Chapter 8

Explain the role of redox reactions in photosynthesis, report abuse

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Therefore, the transfer of electrons from glucose to O2 is a thermodynamically downhill, energy-releasing process, just like the transfer of electrons from zinc metal to copper ion. Then, in a long series of enzyme-catalyzed reactions, we 'burn' the glucose molecules: Electron Carrier Recall that a 'redox reaction' is simply shorthand for an oxidation-reduction reaction.

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Explain why the action spectrum for photosynthesis differs from the absorption spectrum for chlorophyll a. Chemical Reaction for Cellular Respiration We have learned previously that energy production is an extremely important cellular task.

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When the transfer takes place, the reaction center becomes oxidized and the adjacent electron-acceptor molecule is reduced. Photosynthetic organisms use special molecules called pigments.

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Absorbed light energy is transferred from one chlorophyll molecule to another until it is finally transferred to the reaction center. In the same way, the photosynthesis systems of plants are able to reduce carbon dioxide and oxidize water to form glucose and molecular oxygen.

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Over time, the copper electrode got heavier as metallic copper was deposited on the copper cathode, while the zinc anode slowly dissolved into solution. Like plants, animals can also drive some kinds of unfavorable, 'uphill' redox reactions with energy input from an external source.

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What are essential features of a cell? Photosystem II supplies electrons to the beginning of the electron transport chain.

Reactions during Photosynthesis

Photoautotrophs produce O2 and carbohydrate with stored energy in bonds Chemoautotrophs obtain carbon from CO2 Describe the structure of a chloroplast, listing all membranes and compartments Outer membrane, inner membrane, thylakoid membrane Outer thylakoid membrane stroma side hydrophilic. When you completed the cell with a salt bridge, an electrical current began to flow - what you constructed was a simple battery.

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When photosystem II loses an electron that is, when texas constitution essay is itself oxidizedit is able to pull electrons from water. What state is this carbon in?

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In general the more reduced an organic molecule is, the more energy is released when it is oxidized to CO2.