Chemical equation for photosynthesis reactants Balanced Chemical Equation for Photosynthesis

Chemical equation for photosynthesis reactants, photosynthesis introduction

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When writing chemical reactions, the chemical formulas for substances are used to form a chemical equation. How does this simplification misrepresent what takes place during the process of photosynthesis? The thylakoid and grana convert light energy into chemical energy.

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Answer It does not show that photosynthesis consists of many separate reactions. The 2 after the H indicates that there are 2 hydrogen atoms for every one oxygen atom.

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Biology Solutions Expert Views Chemical reaction equations, such as the one for photosynthesis, show the reactants and products of a reaction. During chemical reactions, nothing is created or destroyed, just changed.

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These different structures have different functions in the photosynthesis process. Photosynthesis Introduction Most of us understand that we need oxygen to breathe and stay alive, synthesis of alcohols from grignard reagents many know we also breathe out carbon dioxide.

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The chloroplasts also contain other structures, such as chlorophyll, stroma, thylakoid and grana. The plants store this energy in the form of glucose. The molecules of sunlight are not rearranged and used in the products.

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Reactants are the chemicals going into the reaction, and products are the chemicals coming out of the reaction. This lesson will go over the basics of photosynthesis and its chemical reaction, explaining how the chemical equation is formed and how it can be balanced. This equation doesn't show the many other reactions involved in photosynthesis, including the the two important components, the light and dark cycle.

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