Essay grading rubric points Grading Rubrics: Examples of Rubric Creation

Essay grading rubric points

The response demonstrates a clear progression of ideas both within paragraphs and throughout the essay.

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Lacks a recognizable introduction and conclusion. Some unclear or confused sentences; the writer shifts person throughout the essay or uses "you" and "I" frequently.

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Includes an effective introduction and conclusion. Includes a skillful introduction and conclusion. The response may demonstrate some progression of ideas within paragraphs but not throughout the response.

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All sources are accurately documented, but many are not in the desired point on the Works Cited page. Has limited variety in sentence structures; sentence structures may be repetitive. Personal educational experiences are examined thoughtfully and critically to identify significance of external social factors and support the main argument.

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Scholarly ideas are fungi research papers correctly using the ASA style guide. Has variety in essay structures. The paper suffers from significant organizational and proofreading errors. The response demonstrates general and vague word choice; word grading rubric may be poor or inaccurate.

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Paper reflects solid understanding of the major themes of the course, using course readings to accurately define sociological concepts and to place the argument within a broader discussion of the relationship between social status and individual opportunity.

The response does not have a discernible progression of ideas. It rates five major traits, each on a five-point scale.

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