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The electron transport chain of photosynthesis is often put in a diagram called the z-schemebecause the redox diagram from P to P resembles the letter z. Here, then, is another way that simply by turning on a light, enough energy is imparted to electrons that they can bring about the synthesis of ATP.

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Trees are often credited as the major oxygen generator for the planet, but that would be false. The energy and the e- can be transferred to another molecule.

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In the presence of light, plants transform carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrates, and they also release oxygen. Photosynthetic electron transport chains in chloroplasts[ edit ] The photosynthesis process in chloroplasts begins when an electron of P of PSII attains a higher-energy level.

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The similarity in structure and function between cytochrome b 6 in chloroplasts and cytochrome bc 1 Complex III in mitochondria is striking. How is this deficit to be made up? If an electron of the special pair in the reaction center becomes excited, it cannot transfer this energy to another pigment using resonance energy transfer.

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Link to a description of two experimental tests of chemiosmosis in chloroplasts. This dimer is called a special pair because of its fundamental role in photosynthesis.

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