Gross photosynthesis vs net photosynthesis What is the difference between net and gross photosynthesis?

Gross photosynthesis vs net photosynthesis

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This O2-dependent loss of carbon increases with temperature and is largely responsible for the low optimum temperature of photosynthesis in many C3 species Based on Labate et al. Growth temperatures may also influence the optimum temperature for net photosynthesis, which may therefore vary with season or location.

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Variation in stomatal resistance could be another factor associated with temperature effects on net assimilation of CO2. These measurement and methodological uncertainties call for strict use of photosynthetic terminologies so that communications among researchers and across disciplines can be facilitated. In summary, it is important to take into account the possibility of indirect effects of temperature on photosynthetic tissue when looking for genetic differences in photosynthetic responses to temperature.

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To avoid confusion with GPP, we suggest that true photosynthesis is used in place of gross photosynthesis. For example, a change in root growth due to a change in temperature could alter the supply of nutrients or growth regulators, such as cytokinins, to the shoots.

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The intercellular CO2 and O2 partial pressures were kept constant throughout at 25Pa and 21 kPa, respectively. As shown in Fig.

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While GPP estimated with the flux partitioning approach was still somewhat overestimated in the investigated mountain grassland over the annual cycle, underestimation occurred during certain times as well Fig.